Qingdao Bisheng Auto Door Engineering Co.,LTD also referred to as Qingdao Bisheng , was jointly invested 30 million RMB by Germany Bison Corporation and Qingdao Tianlv Aluminum Industry Company in 2009 in Qingdao.
Located in Hong’ an Industry Park of Qingdao City, Qingdao Bisheng covers a modern factory of 8000 square meters, whose top edge technology learned from Germany Bison has made it a leading player in auto-door industry. As a well-known international corporation, a complex of manufacturing, installation and service, a majority of its high quality products have gained LIoyd’s ISO9001 certificate of quality system, part of which have been in accordance with identification of SITAC, SOCOTEC, Warrington Fire Safety Inspection, VDS, CSA, and reached the standard of CE and EEC. Products from Bison has been conferred 19 international authentications with availability of its unrivalled security function and liability which have made it escalate the top of door industry across the world and built it a Rolls Royce in auto-door industry.
Doors of Qingdao Bisheng are widely in variety including but not limited to auto revolving door with 2 wings, auto revolving door with 3 wings, auto revolving door with 4 wings, manual operated spinning door, automatic double open sliding doors, automatic single open sliding doors, automatic telescoping doors, automatic folding \ r \ n stacked doors, automatic double horizontal sliding door, automatic single horizontal sliding door, automatic door ADS system, Bison sensors etc.. In addition, we also provide reliable installation services, formal after-sale services and contracted maintenance services. Bison provides top level services for customers, business of whom covers airport, restaurant, retail, medical, transportation, factory, government and private residential area, who come from all around the world such as new york in north America, London in Europe, Australia, Iran in Middle East, Egypt, Japan, Iceland and China.
The technology from Germany, the brand value of Qingdao Bisheng, flexible, various and customer-tailored products are bound to meet the characterized requirements of clients in quality, stability, security and completely concern for what customers concern about.
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