Innovative Concepts:

Stable and durable components

Slip ring: imported U.S. military products, accurate and quick data transmission, no carbon deposit on brushes, noise or other disadvantages.

Driver/auxiliary wheels: imported, operating normally at low temperature of -25℃ in cold area.

Sensor: from the world-class enterprises. Steady performance, with sensitivity, weather resistance and corrosion resistance better than other similar products.

Status/fault display: automatic display of door status and fault information, convenient for control by users and maintenance and repair by technicians.

Upgrade and custom by customers

Fire control: connected with the building fire signal, automatically forming the escape route.

Fingerprint/card recognition: limited access by qualified personnel to improve security.

Network Remote Monitoring: Detection of operation and failure of remote products, fast maintenance.

Handhold remote control: remote control of the products within 50 meters.

UPS emergency power supply: keep the door operating normally in case of mains power failure.

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