Anti-collision/anti-pinch system

- Multi-contact/non-contact anti-collision/anti-pinch sensor to avoid collision/pinch with persons.
Press contact revolving system

- Contact, anti-crushing revolving system to avoid collision/pinch with persons.
Infrared speed-limit/stop system

- The first layer of infrared for speed-limit protection, the second layer of infrared for stop.
Emergency escape

-Combined with fire signal of the building at emergency, forming escape routes and meeting fire safety requirements.
Speed limit device

- Set for special purpose. Press the Slow button to keep the revolving door running at low speed lasting for 25 seconds, and restore running at normal speed automatically after pedestrians pass.

Security Detection System

- Besam unique sensor monitoring circuit for auto alarm when the sensor is abnormal. Full Chinese touch screen, door status and fault display. Convenient for user control and maintenance and repair by technicians.

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